Time is Money.

We save you both.

Founded in 1999, we’ve always been driven by a simple truth: everyone deserves to have their best interests in mind. By constantly saving you money, always running ahead of schedule, and continuously preventing problems from happening again, you can be sure that you’ll have a flawless HVAC experience.

With KL Cooling you ALWAYS get:


With a track record of decade-long employees, (think technicians 15 years on the job) and in-house professionals (think value engineering experts) we bring you unmatched expertise.


Passionate to the core, we take each aspect of HVAC seriously. We stay up to date with the newest techniques and technology and when we see something bothering our clients, we make it our business to start offering a service that fixes that. (Think in-house shop drawings)


We know how sacred your timetable is to you. (If we say that all three floors will be done in a week, it will be done by day 7.) Creating a schedule that fits your needs, we’ll have your project done before you have a chance to inquire, “Where’s it up to?”
“We needed great HVAC systems, and were looking for the best price along with the best service. Dealing with KL Cooling has been a pleasure! They are professional, deliver the highest quality of work, and have a general excellence that accompanies all their work!”

Benny Sheinfeld

Every star tells a story. 5 stars tell a whole lot.

Spare yourself aggravation.
Get the quality service you NEED.

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