It’s a breeze.
Designing and installing HVAC systems for your commercial building can be a smooth and easy experience.
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Seasoned employees
We each have our unique skill set and work passionately together to deliver perfection.


HVAC systems installed
We’ve been there, done that. Your unique needs won’t faze us.


Satisfied clients this past year
We know what’s trending, and know the current codes and regulations.

Construction Projects can be stressful.

If you are:



Real Estate Developer

“I’m tired of going overbudget due to constantly changing codes!”

Paying too much for a system only to find out that the NYC mechanical codes have changed yet again, is not something I can afford now.



Construction Contractor

“I can’t manage every detail and all the follow up.”

Following up on drawings, paper work requests, and ensuring the deadline is being met, is eating up too much of my time.



Property Management Guy

“I have too many problems in too many locations.”

Dealing with multiple HVAC companies, each in charge of a different property, is like running a factory with each machine in a different state.
Cool off.

Consider it done.

We stick to your:




“I needed an HVAC vendor to supply and install equipment. KL Cooling spent many hours with me, figuring out the best value engineering options. They were able to work on the scope of the project while remaining within my budget! They are reliable, experienced and do everything on time.”
Max Felsenburg - Metro Builders Group
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Value Engineering


Project Management


Expert Solutions

Value Engineering

Real estate developers appreciate this

The best system for the best price

With an in-house team dedicated solely to value engineering, you get brand name systems for less. We have strategic relationships that give us purchasing power and deep knowledge of all local codes, so we know what counts most when finding the system that most matches your needs.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“KL Cooling won us over by their pricing and expertise. They are quick and professional and brought down the costs tremendously with their value engineering!”

Chaya Gombo - Promont

Project Management

Construction contractors appreciate this

We micromanage every detail.

From designing to overseeing to delivering, we manage it all, so you don’t have to. Powered by seasoned professionals, we see through each project until the systems are up and running, the paperwork is signed, and you know with clarity how to use each system.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“We were looking for a great HVAC company for our projects, when we heard about KL Cooling. Their knowledge, customer service and of course unbeatable prices make us use them time and again. They exceeded all expectations and got way ahead of schedule!”

Benjamin Porgesz - Global Construction & Contracting

Expert Solutions

Property management companies appreciate this

Fixing multiple problems in multiple locations.

You have enough going on. With technicians and fully stocked vans on the road all day, we’re quick to respond in your time of need. We’ll be there to diagnose and help the issue at hand, and will always prioritize your emergencies.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“KL Cooling is the most professional, honest and efficient HVAC company we've ever used. The quality of their work and reliable service translates into our tenants renewing their leases as they’re happy with the HVAC services done to perfection!”

Matt Katz - CW Realty

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The best brands at the best prices

Hire the HVAC pros that genuinely care about your budget and project timeline.

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